1. What is the best Prince tennis racquet?
  2. What is Vegeta power level?
  3. How does a power beyond valve work?
  4. Does Drax power station still burn coal?
  5. What is the most powerful tennis racquet available?
  6. What British goods did the colonists boycott?
  7. What was the last British colony in Africa?
  8. What causes 20% power outage?
  9. Who is the zoologist in Jumanji?
  10. How did the colonists become American?
  11. What goods were boycotted by colonists?
  12. Who alerted the colonists that the British were coming?
  13. What did the colonists do to let British?
  14. When did British settlers arrived in New Zealand?
  15. Who colonized Guiana?
  16. How did the relationship between the colonists and Britain change?
  17. What was the British involvement in the fur trade?
  18. What bands did prince produce?
  19. What were the first British colonies in the Americas?
  20. Did Britain try to disarm the colonies?
  21. How do you find out if PG&E is shutting off power?
  22. Did the British try to disarm American colonists?
  23. How did the proclamation of 1763 upset the colonists?
  24. What were the laws in colonial times?
  25. Why do turkeys necks turn red?
  26. How were the colonial assembly and royal governor different?
  27. Why were British soldiers housed in colonial homes?
  28. What was the labor system in the New England colonies?
  29. Why did Colonist object oppose the proclamation of 1763?
  30. Who fought with the British during the French and Indian War?
  31. Why did the colonists want to break away from Britain?
  32. Where did most of the colonists live?
  33. Why did the colonists protest against England?
  34. How did the colonists protest British taxes?
  35. What did the British tax the colonists on?
  36. What did the colonists do to protest?
  37. Who were the Black Loyalists in Canada?
  38. What did the colonists do to rebel against Britain?
  39. What did the colonists do during the Quartering Act?
  40. What did colonists do to protest British rule?
  41. Why did many colonists object to the proclamation of 1763?
  42. What methods did colonists use to protest actions?
  43. How were the British unfair to the colonists?
  44. What laws did the British enforced on the Colonies?
  45. What advantages did the British have over the colonists?
  46. Where did the British colonists settle?
  47. Why did the British set up colonies in Australia after 1800?
  48. Why did the colonists not want independence from Britain?
  49. Why were the colonists upset with the British Parliament?
  50. Is New Zealand still part of Britain?