1. What era did Hildegard live in?
  2. Were the Knights Templar on Oak Island?
  3. What is the other word for curse?
  4. What was the goal of the Inquisition?
  5. What does Obliquus mean?
  6. Where is the best armor in Oblivion?
  7. What is the meaning of obiter dictum?
  8. What is the meaning of the word Obrigado?
  9. What is wrong with Sadie on Mr Mercedes?
  10. What is Persian culture known for?
  11. What was Octavia known for?
  12. What made Caligula a bad emperor?
  13. Who was Caesar in love with?
  14. Is Octavian a good villager Animal Crossing?
  15. What tier is Octavian?
  16. Who were Octavian Antony and Lepidus?
  17. Did Commodus really kill Marcus Aurelius?
  18. What was ancient Rome like to live in?
  19. What is the meaning of que?
  20. What did Octavian Augustus accomplish?
  21. What battles did Augustus win?
  22. Who was Cleopatra's true love?
  23. What is Octavian known for?
  24. Why did Augustus exile his daughter?
  25. What is a Greek talent?
  26. What did Augustus do during his rule?
  27. Can you call an inmate back?
  28. Have I played the part well then applaud as I exit?
  29. What was the purpose of Paul writing Romans?
  30. What did Augustus rule?
  31. What does the Bible say about not paying workers?
  32. What was Augustus Caesar's net worth?
  33. What movies use classical music?
  34. Why was Jesus crucified with the thieves?
  35. How did Augustus create a stable government?
  36. What was Augustus reign?
  37. What is the concept of adoption?
  38. What is obiter dicta in jurisprudence?
  39. Did Augustus marry his sister?
  40. What is the land of Punt called today?
  41. Is Octavian a demigod?
  42. What did Octavian rule?
  43. When did Octavian change name?
  44. What were the agreements between Octavian and Antony?
  45. What does Rosenkavalier mean?
  46. What personality type is Octavian Animal Crossing?
  47. What is Octavians last name?
  48. What is Bianca's favorite color?
  49. How did Calypso curse Annabeth?
  50. What personality does Octavian have?