1. What was the name of Africa before it was called Africa?
  2. What is the oldest tribe in South Africa?
  3. Who is the father of Alaya F?
  4. What was the first major empire in West Africa?
  5. Who is Alaya fate?
  6. Where is ancient Assyria located today?
  7. Who is the father of Alaya Furniturewala?
  8. Where was ancient Assyria located?
  9. What are some examples of the Assyrian army brutality?
  10. How did the Assyrians build their buildings?
  11. What did Assyrians wear?
  12. What did the Assyrians use to break into and destroy enemy cities?
  13. What type of warfare was used in Vietnam?
  14. Why were the dead buried along with food and ornaments?
  15. Is Nineveh the capital of Assyria?
  16. What country is Assyria now?
  17. Who brought Christianity to Africa?
  18. What country is Assyria today?
  19. What did South Africa used to be called?
  20. What was the Assyrian army known for?
  21. Who is the mother of Alaya F?
  22. What were the ancient Assyrians known for?
  23. Who were the Assyrians and what were they known for?
  24. Is Nineveh modern day Mosul?
  25. What did the Assyrians use in battle?
  26. Are Assyrians Catholic or Orthodox?
  27. What was life like in Assyria?
  28. What did ancient Assyrians wear?
  29. What is the story of Jawani Janeman?
  30. What was South Africa called before apartheid?
  31. What race built the pyramids?
  32. What was Assyria in the Bible?
  33. What were the Assyrians known for?
  34. What foods originated in Africa?
  35. What was the first capital of Assyria?
  36. What was Syria called in biblical times?
  37. What is modern day Assyria called?
  38. Who were the Assyrians in the ancient Middle East?
  39. What is ancient Assyria?
  40. What did ancient Assyrians eat?
  41. Is Assyria and Syria the same thing?
  42. What accomplishments is Assyria known for?
  43. Where did the Assyrians originally come from?
  44. Is Germany ancient Assyria?
  45. What were the Assyrians greatest achievements?
  46. Who destroyed Nineveh in 612 BC?
  47. What was the first West African empire?
  48. Where was Assyria geographically located?
  49. What is the oldest haplogroup?
  50. What did the ancient Assyrians invent?