What is ironic about the way the boys were rescued?

What is ironic about the rescue of the boys? It is ironic that the rift between Ralph and Jack began over the issue of keeping the rescue fire burning, and the fi re that finally effects their rescue was set to destroy Ralph.

What does the fruit mean in Lord of the Flies?

The symbol of fruit in all sources have a direct correlation and contribution to the savagery that evolves in the boys whilst on the island in Lord of the Flies. ... The fruit represents the pure form of evil which causes the boys to act savagely.

Who volunteers to return to the little ones and piggy with a message?

Why do you think Simon is so eager to volunteer to go across the island to tell Piggy and the littluns what they're doing? Simon volunteers to do this task as he is not afraid of the beast.

What does Precentor mean in Lord of the Flies?

A person who directs a church choir or congregation in singing. "He did in Gib,; and Addis; and at matin over the precentor." ...

What is the cupping gesture in Lord of the Flies?

Ralph made a cupping gesture. Most of the wood was so rotten that when they pulled, it broke up into a shower of fragments and woodlice and decay; but some trunks came out in one piece. All round him the long scar smashed into the jungle was a bath of heat....

What does Jack claim to feel behind him when he hunts?

Jack goes hunting to bring the boys meat. What does Jack claim to feel behind him when he hunts? Jack claims to feel "the beastie" behind him. ... When hunting alone, Jack experiences madness.

Who does piggy say he is scared of?